Wonderful Experiences of Dog Owners

A dog laying on the ground with its head down.

Janet & Taffy

Fairhaven, MA

"I bring my little one year old rescue dog “Taffy” to Executive Dog, and we both LOVE it!! Shelley is both helpful and informative, and the place is spotless. Somehow Taffy knows which days she goes, because she is waiting patiently by the door with her tail wagging a mile a minute. What a find!!"

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Lynda & Riley

Mattapoisett, MA

"I am one of The Executive Dog's biggest fans. I tell everyone, and I mean even total strangers, what a great experience it is for my 2 yr old Golden Retriever to be able to spend a day running and playing with other dogs. Because I work full time, this is a great opportunity for my dog to get the exercise he needs and when he comes home he's exhausted. Shelley also does a wonderful job grooming and it's convenient to have it done while Riley is at daycare. Try the experience just for a day and your pet will beg to go back!!!"

A dog standing in the snow with its head on his paws.

Robyn And Neal

"Cabo, our five year old lab, has been going to Executive Dog since he was a puppy and he loves it! Going there at such a young age has taught him to socialize well with other dogs of all breeds and sizes. it's a good feeling for us to pick him up at the end of the day and see that he is whipped from playing so hard! We can't say enough about Miss Shelley.....she has a special gift to be able to handle all of the dogs and keep the peace too! we know that Cabo is in good hands with Shelley and her team and would HIGHLY recommend Executive Dog to anyone. Good luck with the new website Shelley!"

Joe and Lenore Tavares

"We are delighted and feel blessed to have Shelley watching our little Roxy. As two very busy professionals Executive dog affords a very safe,clean, and happy environment for our dog during a busy work week. Roxy always comes home exhausted from a very active and full day. Shelly also offers great services like grooming, dog food, and overnight accommodations. I highly recommend executive dog to anyone seeking a 2nd home for their four legged family member they love. "

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Nancy Dodson, Lunar and Jill

"I love Executive Dog because there is no barking. I am a big fan of Cesear Milan's dog philosophy and find Shelley follows that as well. I have recently begun taking my other dog who has had issues in the past and she is doing fabulous!! I highly recommend Executive Dog and know my dogs are in good hands and being polite members of the pack!"

Two dogs are sitting in the grass together.

Theresa Manning

"Hi. We're the Manning Boys, Ditto and Massimo. One of us is especially energetic so it helps my folks a lot for me to visit Shelley Monday and Wednesday. "

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"Shelley!! Are you in there? Where's Ben and all my other doggie friends? I just love you all so much!! I guess I'm going to have to dig to China until Wednesday when I can come and see everyone. I'm just that much of a hamburger. My mom calls me a lunatic and LOVES it when I go to Executive Dog to play and see all my great friends. We all have so much fun. We love to play, and dig, and play, and explore, and play, and investigate, and play, and climb, and play, and run, and play, and wrestle, and play, and catch balls, and play, and swim, and play, and tear up toys, and play, and play, and play...

Thanks Shelley for giving Mom some sanity. She says "hi" by the way."

Two women and a dog laying in the grass.

Anne & Kellie

"Hi Shelley,

Thanks for the opportunity allowing us to share what Executive Dog, and YOU, mean to Shelby, Kellie and I. When we rescued Shelby we never expected to have the life we lead now. As a reactive dog, Shelby finds most things frightening - new people, new dogs, new places and well, just about anything new. We were determined to help Shelby find her place in our world and to have her be as successful as she could be. We think Executive Dog, and especially Shelley, has had a part in getting Shelby to where she is today. We appreciate the time and care you took when Shelby first arrived at Executive Dog to make sure she was appropriate and fit in with her pack. We also appreciate the time you've taken to help us navigate this new world, with all of your kind words, gentle suggestions, and positive reinforcement! Thank you for seeing beyond Shelby's shortcomings, for seeing what a wonderful dog she is, and for loving her as she is. Shelby loves coming to see you, almost as much as she loves seeing Kellie in the afternoons! Thank you for providing a safe environment for her, for that we are very grateful."

Liz and John Moore

Dartmouth, MA

"Executive Dog, or “Doggy day Care” as we call it has been a wonderful experience for us and Kelly. Kelly gets to socialize with other dogs, which she cannot do in our neighborhood. She is always so excited when she gets in the car and we turn off on the 240 ramp. She knows where she is going and cannot wait. Shelly has been great about taking Kelly when we needed a weekend or overnight sitter too. We feel very comfortable leaving our dog with her because we know she is in good hands."

A man and woman sitting on the ground with two dogs.

Claudette Azar-Kenyon

Dartmouth, MA

"The Executive Dog and its owner, Shelley Moniz, are terrific! Our dogs have been in doggie daycare since they were 6 months old. They are well-socialized and we believe this comes from great training, but also from regularly being around other dogs in a well-controlled environment. We adore our dogs and Shelley has been a trusted groomer and sitter for them; we always know she'll care for our dogs as if they were her own and they will be safe, well exercised, and happy." 

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Amy, Jay, Freddie and Ella

"When I moved to New Bedford with my two rescue dogs, Freddie and Ella I wanted to find a clean, safe and fun doggy daycare since I tend to work really long hours. I was so incredibly fortunate to find Shelley at The Executive Dog. We have been bringing our two special pups to Shelley for over three years now and I cannot say enough good things about her services - we use them all: daycare, overnight care, grooming and we even get our dog food from Shelley. We recently traveled overseas for close to three weeks and we could only do it because we knew Freddie and Ella would be well cared for and loved by Shelley. When we drive up to The Executive Dog and bring the pups in, the full body "wiggle wiggle" that our Ella does when she sees her "aunty" Shelley says it all!"

A dog laying on the floor looking out of a window.

Jane & Dennis Pucello

"Executive Dog has been wonderful for our rescue lab who came to us with aggression issues toward other dogs.  Shelley is firm but loving, keeps good control of the dogs and provides a comfortable place for the dogs to play. Her hours from 7AM - 7PM give lots of scheduling flexibility. The premises are clean and welcoming. Gwen loves spending time there!  And Shelley is the best! "

A dog sitting on the floor looking at the camera.


"I don't know what I would do without Shelley and Executive Dog - My Tilly has been going since she was a puppy. For a working family this is a great solution. Tilly gets to socialize with her friends, and in-between school days she has a good rest so she is ready to go on her next day!"

A dog laying on the ground with its tongue hanging out.


"I can't say enough good things about my dog's day care experience at Executive Dog. The location is convenient, the premises are clean, and I am always amazed at how quiet the dogs are when I drop off or pick up my dog . . . Shelley is like the dog whisperer! There could be 12 or more dogs but you'd never know it because there is no barking! She maintains good control and keeps our loved ones safe. I'm not sure who is happier about Executive Dog -- my dog or me! He looks forward to playing with all his friends every week -- and I look forward to having a happy, well-exercised dog!"

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Marya Gabriel

"Treble has been coming to Executive Dog for 7 years now and still enjoys his time with his doggy friends! I always feel confident that he is safe and comfortable there. It is definitely his home away from home! Thank you for being there for Treble!"

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Marilou Newell, Paul Coderre & Harry

"It is our pleasure to let others know how wonderful Shelley Moniz of Executive Dog is……her understanding of animal behavior, especially the dogs in her care, is exceptional. Her level of professionalism in insuring the safety and well being of the animals in her care is exceptional. We have known Shelley for five years and trust her implicitly with our dogs including when we've been out of town. Her advise, concerned care, and the way she calmly, peacefully and gently oversees her 'packs' of dogs is exceptional - Executive Dog of Fairhaven is exceptional!"

A dog laying in the leaves looking at the camera.

Hilary, Evan & Kona (woof!)

"After rescuing our little girl Kona over a year ago, we decided to place her in doggie day care to be able to socialize with other dogs and have fun! In that time, she has been molded into the smart, lovable, friendly dog we had hoped for. It's so nice to know that she anticipates the days that she goes to school and sits by my feet while I get ready for work. The look in her eyes is priceless! The best part of her going to school is knowing that she is in great hands and has the entire day to run and play... Not to mention she comes home, eats and is in bed for the night! We are so happy to be able to give her this and will continue to be loyal costumers of Executive Dog!! "

A black dog sitting on the floor in front of a wall.

Rick Regan and Sadie

West Wareham, MA

"The Executive Dog and Shelley Moniz are without a doubt a blessing for all the dogs that have been able to be a part of Shelley's pack. Sadie has been going to "school" for the last 7+ years! Before we have a doggy day care day, Sadie is asked if she wants to go to "school - She immediately becomes very excited and wags her tail on her way to the car. As soon as we arrive, she is ready to go to play with all her "friends" and of course being a lab, jump in any water that she can. By the time I pick her up and get her home, she always has had a great day and plenty of exercise to give her a great night's sleep. Shelley has also groomed Sadie and watched her a number of times if I have been away. I have the utmost trust in her and her judgement especially if I ever have any questions that she can help us out with. Simply put, Shelley and Executive Dog are the best!"

A dog sitting on the ground with its tongue hanging out.

Tom & Donna

"Executive Dog is a Wonderful caring place, where my dog gets the utmost care. Reggie loves to be there and play with the other dogs. Your a great comfort to us just knowing my dog is in expert caring hands."

A dog is playing in the snow.

Carl Norman

"The greatest testament to a home away from home for any pet is how much they love going there. While Darlin walks beside me with great manners at home, she drags me in to Executive Dog day care! She loves being a pack member yet she loves to see her human at the end of a long and playful day. Her socialization has paid great dividends as she is often confronted by other pups at the marina we frequent and she is so much better around people since she has attended your facility. Not to mention she loves her beautification days and treatments. You and Amy do it right!"